Weve been staying in a Trulli in Puglia (www.abatemasseria.it), which is a traditional kind of building with a cone for a roof. Apparently the people here were forced to use this type of architecture centries ago because it was easy for the government to pull down the roof if they didnt pay their taxes. Our room has been lovingly restored by “expert stoners”… what a talented bunch.

Tomorrow well be in Greece after an epic 9 hour overnight ferry which Katie is looking forward to. Were staying with the Greek girls, and hopefully we will be able to post some pictures.

Hello from Florence

Just a quick note to say that we are now in Florence. We arrived in Milan last night to discover that our Hotel was in the middle of a huge midsummer festival, and the whole city was alive with 400 events, including two bands and a fairground right outside our window. Well, if you cant beat them, join them, so we had a good nozy. It was rammed full of people watching loads of acts including a african drumming cum heavy metal gig on the main stage next to the cathedral.

Florence is also good. Our hotel has a swimming pool on the roof with a view of the magnificent Duomo.

Off to Greece… by train

Katie and I are going via Italy to see our friends in Greece. By train. In two weeks. Here’s the plan…

Birmingham – London – 3 hours
London – Paris – Milan – 12 hours
Milan – Florence – 3 hours
Florence – Bari – 7 hours
Bari – Thessaloniki (by ferry) – 16.5 hours
Thessaloniki – Locarno – 27.5 hours
Locarno – Milan – 3 hours
Milan – Birmingham – 15 hours

So that’s a total of 87 hours travelling. We’re away for 16 days, so that’s 22 percent of our time travelling. Could be worse, as Katie says.

What’s this site all about, then?

Hi, My name’s Ed.

I like juggling (diabolo mainly at the moment), strumming, travelling, music and trying to say things in Italian.

I live in Birmingham, England.

I get paid to write automotive software for very silly cars.

My wife’s got her own theatre company here in Brum, so I end up seeing lots of weird things that fall under the general banner of Theatre, and are actually kind of hard to explain to people who don’t go to see/do/smell that sort of thing.

And, er, this site… Well, who knows. I’ll get back to you on that one.