Metro double-take

I had a bit of a double take on the metro the other day when I opened the middle page to a huge whole-page article about my brother-in-law’s best mate Jon who’s got another book out soon. It was so unexpected, unlike another time when I found the “Five questions for Katie Day” article.

How much Lego???

Lego Imperial Star DestroyerWell, I though it was a bit crazy when Katie’s theatre company paid my mate Dave in Lego for designing their (excellent) website, but a bunch of students (they must have been) leaving the train this evening at Bournville really got me thinking. Between them they were carrying about 6 huge yellow Lego bags and clutching two colossal boxes like the Imperial Star Destroyer that they got Dave. That stuff must have been worth at least a grand? What were they up to? Answers on the back of a post card, or in the comments section, below.

Wapping audio Iceland conference

This is recording of the Iceland conference presentation by Katie and Elysa.

To download, right click and “Save link as…” from Firefox.

iceland.mp3 (27Mb)

Click here to download the iceland powerpoint presentation.

Inside a light sandwich

WhiteplaneThis weekend we visited a light and sound installation called Whiteplane_2 in Newbury Corn Exchange. It consisted of overhead and underfloor colour-changing sheets of light (about 8×6 meters) and 8 speakers around the room playing synthetic sounding electronic drones. There was a 10 minute sequence which ran throughout the afternoon which was interesting and varied. There were glows of red, green and blue puncuated by startling flashes of strobe accompanied with ear-splitting cracks over rumbling bass tones. I would recommend anyone in the area to come along and take a free look at this to break up the shopping. You may need to visit Boots afterwards, though.

There was also a live evening performance which costed eight quid or so (cheaper to ring than use the website to book!)…

This was less successful. The overall trip was like being a foetus in a nightclub, sucked out and stuck in a washing machine on a 60 degree cycle. The lights hardly changed at all, despite earnest laptop-poking by the lighting designer Alex Bradley. Charles Poulet’s live music was more of the same unremarkable but impressively three dimensional laptop-drone as the installation, but slower and less engaging. I’d save your money and just bathe in the afternoon installation.

How to go up a hill… quickly

A few months ago I won a raffle prize of a passenger ride in a Lotus Elise. Not just any Lotus Elise, but my colleague John’s. When he offered to drive me up one of his hill climb courses on Sunday, I jumped at the chance. It was the Bugatti owners club garden party, so lots of gentry, classic cars and all that. The hill climb was great, bit like a rollercoaster without rails, and the cars on display were… well, cars. I guess they were pretty good as cars go.

Here are some pictures…

Here’s me next to a car. The cheesy grin’s because it was sunny.

There was a car polishing contest. Here’s a particularly shiny example.

This one’s a Bugatti, apparently.

If you want to look at the video I took in car of John driving up the hill, and don’t mind the 55Mb download, you can get it here. John got told off for driving too fast on this run.