Back home

We’re back in Brum now. The big trip from Thessaloniki to Switzerland went very smoothly, even if we were looking like extras from Sean Of The Dead by the end. The only real problem was when we got to Swizerland late at night and with a five minute connection time and realized that we didn’t have any Swiss Francs. Whoops. Well, they just laughed at us and waved us on.

We were hoping to spend a full day at Anthony’s, but it turned out that the final performance of his course was even more frantic than he’d expected. We spent a few hours being shown around the alpine valley and the village where he lives, and also the shiney course buildings where he rehearses. We left early to go back to Milan to give ourselves an unscheduled full day of sightseeing.

Milan was amazing! I think our image of it was a bit like people think about Brum – a bit industrial and dirty. It certainly had the polution, but the Duomo, the Castello, the parks and the nightlife made it almost as appealing as Birmingham 🙂 A particular highlight was the way they have an enormous spread of free food in every bar in the evening. I’m glad we’re learning Italian.

Here are some pictures…

Anthony doesn’t normally let three people on his bike. I think I know why.

The roof of the Duomo is as spectacular as the interior.

The Castello in Milan

The Italians love Ice Cream