Well, we made it to Greece! We’re now staying in the northern city of Thessaloniki (Θεσσαλονίκη) with Alexandra and Rania, Katie’s friends from Central. We survived the 9 hour ferry journey, and just survived the 6 hours in the bus which was sweltering.

Yesterday we got the tour of the city. We chose a tourguide from one of the many freelance dogs around here. The heat is incredible. Apparently this is a heatwave, with temperatures during the day (while we were having our tour) of around 38 degrees. This is due to break today, and indeed there was a pretty spectacular thunderstorm in the hills above the city which I tried desperately to capture on the camera but ony succeeded in getting a shot of the sky lit up by a flash in the clouds.

Today we’re going to the beach in Χαλκιδική!

Below are some pictures (click Read more from the front page).

Florence from the top of our hotel

The lightning storm

The hotel in Puglia

The seaside in Puglia. I’m hoping that Halkadiki will have a bit more sand.

The view of Thessalonaiki. Rania’s in the middle.