We’ve just got back from Halkadiki, which is a big weekend holiday destination and retirement area for the Greeks in this area, a bit like a greek equivalent of Bournmouth. It has some amazing coastline. It is one of the three peninsulae called the three fingers by the locals, and you can see across to the neighbouring “finger” from part we visited today. Apparently there’s a competition where folk swim across to the other side, crazy people.

They had these noisy insects which were much louder than cicadas, and made it hard to hear the letter “s”, so “snake” sounded like “fake”.

Finally the weather broke yesterday, but only after we had a chance to lounge on the beach and swim in the bathlike sea. It’s much saltier than the atlantic ocean (which I’m familiar with), so you float like a beachball. Now it’s cooler and greyer, so we’ve come back to Thessaloniki.

Here are some pictures…

Noisy insect


Halkadiki at night (taken by Katie)