Inside a light sandwich

WhiteplaneThis weekend we visited a light and sound installation called Whiteplane_2 in Newbury Corn Exchange. It consisted of overhead and underfloor colour-changing sheets of light (about 8×6 meters) and 8 speakers around the room playing synthetic sounding electronic drones. There was a 10 minute sequence which ran throughout the afternoon which was interesting and varied. There were glows of red, green and blue puncuated by startling flashes of strobe accompanied with ear-splitting cracks over rumbling bass tones. I would recommend anyone in the area to come along and take a free look at this to break up the shopping. You may need to visit Boots afterwards, though.

There was also a live evening performance which costed eight quid or so (cheaper to ring than use the website to book!)…

This was less successful. The overall trip was like being a foetus in a nightclub, sucked out and stuck in a washing machine on a 60 degree cycle. The lights hardly changed at all, despite earnest laptop-poking by the lighting designer Alex Bradley. Charles Poulet’s live music was more of the same unremarkable but impressively three dimensional laptop-drone as the installation, but slower and less engaging. I’d save your money and just bathe in the afternoon installation.