Are Old Desktop PCs the New Old Mobiles?

I’ve noticed a trend towards people giving away their old desktop PC in the same way that people give away their old mobile phones. I’ve recently received two cast-offs myself, and have passed them on to better homes. One was from the back of a boot at a wedding. But what use is a PC incapable of running Windows XP in this day and age? Well, they’re good for spare parts if you’re trying to work out which bit of your PC has stopped working and is causing it to crash. Also, some Linux distributions like Xubuntu are designed to give your clapped out 1990’s PC a new lease of life. Failing that, give it to me!

2 thoughts on “Are Old Desktop PCs the New Old Mobiles?”

  1. I had to make use of a PC in the office recently. It was 224MB RAM, 2Gb hard drive, PII 250 (I think). It had Win 98SE but was becoming unstable. I stuck Xubuntu on and, barring a bit of video driver config and having to use a USB mouse (anyone got a serial mouse going in Linux??) it did a creditable job. Hotpluggable USB drives, reasonable office tools like Abiword and Gnumeric – good stuff all round.

    Alas, it takes a fair bit of tinkering – and that is a problem.

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