My Brother, the Real Estate Tycoon

My brother William’s just bought an unimaginably expensive property in Bermuda (think of a lot of money then double it). No, he’s not rich. Really. Apparently it’s about the cheapest you can get in Bermuda which you’d actually want to live in. So I guess he’d better pass his accountancy exams so he can afford to live there. Actually, he’s done very well to even complete the purchase after the last condo he signed a contract on was gazumped by the hospital trust (a story which made the paper – though it doesn’t take much out there).

One thought on “My Brother, the Real Estate Tycoon”

  1. Got the keys today so it’s a done deal, no gazumping on this one. The only furniture in there is a 13ft tall indoor palm tree which is, like, totally awesome. Major housewarming party is in the works, might have to charge an entrance fee though…

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