Daytrippping at Aston Hall

Aston HallIf you’ve driven into Birmingham along the A38(M), you’ve passed Aston Hall. It’s one of those places you always mean to visit but never do.

Well, that all changed for me on Saturday afternoon when Anthony and Yeyo invited me to join them for a little daytrip to this seventeenth-century Jacobean manor house.

The building is deceptively simple. In fact there is detailed decoration both inside and outside. We enjoyed spotting the mythical creatures that line the walls, sparking the question ‘what’s your favourite mythical creature?’ (I had a laugh about the ‘unknown male’ in one of the friezes upstairs too.)

The period furnishings are a bit sparse in some rooms, and I definitely preferred the Jacobean stuff to the later Victorian rooms. Best of all were the long gallery, with its blind arcade motif repeated in the wood panelling, and the ‘best bedroom’.

This was truly a bedroom fit for a queen, with embroidered silver and blue hangings everywhere, and a four-poster bed topped with (what looked like) ostrich feathers! If any boy today decorated his bedroom like that, there would be no question about his orientation! (More laughs…)

We also discovered that Aston Hall occasionally pulls out all the stops and does a big candle-lit event. The next of these is the ‘Halloween Film Show and Tour’ on 27th and 28th Oct. I’d be quite up for going, if anyone wants to join me…