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A few lucky people on the 10.20pm Friday train service between London and Birmingham witnessed a mysterious exchange on the platform at Leamington Spa. As the doors slid open a head-sized box was handed over to girl in one of the carriages by a young man. They exchanged a few words before the doors beeped and re-closed. She sat back down, and peered under the bubble wrap and tissue paper. Intrigued, a fellow passenger asked “What’s in the box? Is it an animal?”. But no, never ones to do things the easy way TOWW had arranged a hand off of an exclusive piece of jewellery – as it turns out a good way of promoting the show to unsuspecting public transport users.

We now have two out of three jewellery pieces sitting in our office space, exhibited by Mikaela’s mannequins. What is most striking is how remarkably individual they are. Our aim in creating the performance is to make a different audience experience according to which article of jewellery is chosen. We hope to use the jewellery as an intial devising stimulus, discovering tone and style for each section through it. I have no idea if this will work for us, but looking at these today I think we have a good chance – I feel inspired…

Also Katie found this artical in the Observer this weekend, which seems to be talking about the type of jewellery we have encouraged from our jewellers. I quite like the term “wearable art”. I think it’s something to get excited about – a sculpture on the body that looks different on each person. Anyway, have a look for yourself.
Observer article

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  1. The Observer article seems to be saying something similar to a conversation I had with my brother the other day. We were talking about how there are people working in some (and possibly all) artistic media, whose work is skillful but doesn’t challenge or make one think. Perhaps these people are following traditional patterns or turning out things in massive numbers. This is ‘craft’.

    Others may play with the conventions of the medium, creating something new or unusual. In our definition, this is what art boils down to: originality plus thoughtfulness.

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