A show to treasure

The show we’ve all been waiting for, Treasured has opened at mac. Katie and Jane’s company have created a show which transports you from the humdrum and adorns you with a work of art. Roughly speaking there are two rooms, a waiting area and dressing area. The waiting area is composed from a jumble of nicknacks that we British are so good at stockpiling. The Greek designers have assembled a cast of peacock feathers, maps, dusty books, manikins, clocks, mirrors, photographs, armchairs and dresses, and turned this cornucopia of Victorian Englishness into an area which is both relaxing and stimulating. Not a copy of Heat magazine in sight.

This helps to prepare you to be dressed with the jewellery of your choice. There are three items from which to select based on your favourite mirror. I’ve done two so far, and the third is this evening, though I’m the only audience member to do all three. I’ll describe the last after this evenings’ performance.

First night, I chose the ruff – the Elizabethan type, not the noise that dogs make. This was made from maps and wallpaper and had long thread hanging from the outside (though no corks on the end of the thread). I was guided by touch around the inner room – the nearest thing I could compare it with was being manipulated by a hairdresser. They made wave shapes, sang and pushed me around the room on a chair. It was pleasant, though I just wanted to go into walled-off area in the centre of the room. That wish came true during the next evening’s performance.

This involved having my arms wrapped in a long plastic cord decorated with black plastic flowers. The feel of the piece was for me like a pagan initiation ritual in the depths of a forest. So not your average dressing room experience.