Ed Harcourt Live

The second of my top-five-artists-to-see-live in two weeks. I got into Ed Harcourt with his amazing first album, Here Be Monsters back in 2001 and have wanted to see him ever since. Unlike Sparklehorse last week, he was unsupported by a band, and while some of his songs could have benefited from one, it allowed him to showcase his immense talent for songwriting, singing and piano (all at the same time!). He won’t thank me for saying this, but he was much smaller than I’d expected, but not depressive as his songs would have led you to expect. The highlight of the show was the impromptu request slot in the encore. It made you realise what a great back catalogue he has, and he was surprised by one person who requested the single of his latest album, not in his set. It might have been a great song, but he couldn’t remember most of the words, and ended up in farce as he got us to sing ‘La la la’ instead of the second verse.