Pilot Stars

I should say a few words about the Pilot evening we went to on Friday evening. It was a more polished version of the crazy Panic Button event that Simon Day ran a few weeks ago (he’s the guy wearing the toast). I’ve never been to the Custard Factory Theatre before, but apparently they don’t make custard there any more, nor do they host club nights (both of which I’ve experienced). It was a very shiney space with comfy cinema seating which probably worked in the favor of Johnny from Hamfisted who evoked the sense of being on a seaside holiday by getting the audience to read out postcards and wave sea-coloured plastic sheets in the air while making seagull noises.

Next up was The Dog Eared Collective who did a very funny Nicholas Nickelby-style piece which had me in stiches. A little-known-but-up-and-coming company called The Other Way Works did one of their strange little performances in the interval. The last show was Simon’s company jumping around with cardboard swords being attacked by cardboard French soldiers in a french-language rendition of The Three Musketeers, complete with explosives.

We topped off the evening with the monthly Munchbreak performance at The Rainbow. They’ve improved a lot since we last saw them several months ago, and the bass player, Ian’s got much more hair.