Your Hand In Mine

On Friday we hacked down to Reading after work to see Wishbone’s latest show, Your Hand In Mine. I’ve seen most of their shows since Katie has known Paul and Karen and they’re reliably unconventional. Their work tends to bring cinematic elements to the stage, both visually (eg. by ‘framing’ sections of the performer so you can only see their legs) and narratively in a way that streches the audience if they fancy a bit of mental yoga. Your Hand In Mine breaks from this art house cinema style by performing amoungst the audience rather than in front of it. The emotional intensity is turned up to about eight, and the plot, a pair of converging stories of two disturbed people, is quirky but less tangled than the fishing wire bundles of past shows (although I was literally wrapped in tape at the end). Paul and Karen’s strenghts as performers with this satisfying material will hopefully help Wishbone to become as successful as they’ve deserved for a long time.