Back to earth

I returned home last night after a door-to-door journey of about 11 hours. It would have been a lot less if it hadn’t been for Chiltern trains deciding to do their engineering work just when I wanted to come home. I left Katie behind in Brussels with Jane from where they start their journey to Helsinki. I just heard from her and they’re currently in Copenhagen after an overnight train ride in a very posh sleeper.

I should just mention the other stops the great museum night tour… a pianola museum, a portuguese synagogue lit entirely by candles where I had to wear a skull cap, and a bible museum where they had models of Solomon’s temple and a huge model of the temple mount in Jerusalem, plus a huge set of Rembrandt bible engravings. We even managed to get dinner. The restaurant was called ‘Cinema Paradiso’ and there was a project showing… yes you guessed it, Cinema Paradiso.

And the highlights of Amsterdam? Riding around everywhere on a bike (I even managed to get used to back-pedaling to slow down – just like a politician), the canals on every other street, and the way that the Dutch answer “of course” whenever you ask them if they speak English.

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