Katie’s back!

The girl got back after checking out the perimeter of the Baltic sea. She visited went through France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany, stopping off at plenty of cities during the two weeks. I’ve very jealous. She’s just finished documenting it in her blog.

We just got back from Casino Royale. Great film, but what an outrageous amount of product placement, particularly of mobile phones. It was as if they’d pitched it to the guys from the Orange film board adverts, and they’d said something like, “Great film concept, but why can’t the characters communicate by Text?”, and the producers had replied, “Yeah, why not! And let’s give them 3G phones, but you know what, Microsoft don’t want to pay us, so let’s edit out the Windows logo from the bottom of the computers.” And then the American hand gun arms lobby had stepped in and said… and said… I’d better stop there.