Love on the Heath

Scenes of a Sexual Nature (Dir. Ed Blum, UK, 2006), the latest British film to hit the cinemas, is actually pretty good (that means three stars, Ronnie).

Unlike such RomCom offerings as Notting Hill or Love Actually (although there are actually some good bits in Love Actually…), Scenes of a Sexual Nature is less sentimental and a little more down-to-earth.

We meet seven couples who are spending the day on Hampstead Heath, and overhear their conversations. This is where things get interesting, because there is a huge gap between appearances and reality in almost every case. For my money, the happiest couple is the one that has just got divorced.

Ewan McGregor’s gay-man-in-an-open-relationship is also very interesting. I quite warmed to the moronic scally lad too. The elderly couple who spend quite a lot of the film admiring the view – and let’s face it, it’s a good view – seem rather contrived to begin with, but actually have some of the best lines.

However, the viewer is warned to stay away from Hugh Bonneville. He always seems so anxious that it starts to rub off on one! Also, this film has not totally managed to avoid some of the heavy-handed humour associated with British cinema in recent years. There isn’t any actual sex, either.

If I was feeling a bit wittier, I would make a case for calling this film ‘Sex, Actually’ or ‘Love, Sexually’, but I can’t be bothered. Anyway, three stars means this is a film you might enjoy seeing!