“More Trees to Climb”

Here are some tips for my fellow tree-climbers:

The first is a beautiful conifer in Solihull’s Malvern Park. Entering the park from the town via New Road, you come to a statue called the “Prancing Horse and Man”. Incidentally, this statue was donated by Oliver Bird of Bird’s Custard fame in 1944. Created by Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm, the statue depicts a Shire horse being led into the sea and rearing at the ‘alarming waves’.

Anyway, directly opposite the statue is a tall tree with the most fantastically curving branches. You can climb quite high with ease!

Secondly, there is a tree in Hampstead Heath. Entering the park from Highgate Road, turn right at the bowling green and continue until shortly before the swimming pond. On your right is a tree growing at roungly 45 degrees from the ground. You can basically walk up it!

Enjoy the trees…

4 thoughts on ““More Trees to Climb””

  1. You should get an online community going and a wee website where people can log in and register and locate good climbing trees! Want me to speak to some people
    .. check out google maps in the mean-time and if you’re feeling geeky check out mash-ups.


  2. Joel…I haven’t climbed a tree in…well probably not since one of those long ago BMW conferences…way to stay young…makes me want to leave the office and climb a tree!!

  3. Hi Thomy, you should try it! It’s invigorating. It’ll help you stay young at heart, and fit too.Tree climbing is especially good for the upper body!

  4. We’ve been talking about this for a while now. I think it’s a great idea, particularly since tree-climbing is such a social activity. We need an online community!

    The website could have maps showing good climbing spots and reviews of different trees, perhaps with a difficulty rating.

    I need to learn how to recognise all the common climbing trees of Britain first. And how to build website!

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