Museum Nights

Not for the first time, we’ve managed to pack our best sightseeing into the evening. Thanks to the wonderful museumnacht pass, we managed to visit six different attractions. Even better from a randomness point of view was that each museum had it’s own program of events.

The Anne Frank Huis was first, and curiously bare. You got hints of what it must have been like from the 1930 magazine pictures that Anne had pasted to the wallpaper, but the lack of furniture required a certain degree of imagination of the visitor.

The Theatre Museum was a very camp affair. We were greeted by a 6’6” woman dressed in red tulip leaves handing out sweeties (they are tall around here, but she may have been on stilts). Red was the theme of the evening, with a red-themed clothes alteration service, red art installations, and even a red themed fashion show.

The hidden church is a surviving example of one of the catholic churches which were hidden in otherwise normal buildings It was constructed in 1661 at a time when the Protestants in power had made laws preventing them from worshipping. There was a strange mixture of the ecclesiastical and the mundane, where a little kitchen would open out to a three storey galleried church the width of a big room. Randomness of the night was the tarot card reader and the new age hippies in the basement.

I’m going to have to update the rest of this later, because its late now. Details of the Rembrandts at 1:00am to follow…