On yer bike

When walking around in Amsterdam you need about 15 eyes to spot all the oncoming trams, cars and bikes. A simple method to avoid this mayhem is to join them and rent a bike. I’m beginning to regret getting the bottom of the range back-pedal braking bike and I should have known better from memories of childhood BMX incidents. Still it’s a fun way to get around. It’s less scary riding around Amsterdam than in Brum where you daily run the risk of being mown down by coke addicted Imprezza drivers. Here, the bikes seem to have the de-facto right of way and no-one’s in a huge rush – perhaps due to the other substances available all over the place.

Speaking of which, we finally discovered the central, historic end of town which is lit by a mixture of neon red and dull green depending on the vice for sale. Can’t say Katie and I were too into impressed. It reminded me of the worst of Bangkok, Soho and I guess, Birmingham rolled into one.

Right, now we’re off for dinner in a veggie resturant which will be followed by a gig (Cat Power – that’s the name of a female singer songwriter not a cruel-sounding method of propulsion).