brbWe have a very busy week, so don’t bother trying to get in touch. Last night we saw the excellent Pan’s Labyrinth. Tonight, we went to my first ever Ballet at the Hippodrome (which isn’t actually a drome at all – I think dromes are meant to be circular, but it is big, a bit like a hippo’s mouth, so maybe that’s where the name comes from).

For once I have absolutely no frame of reference (a bit like a child wandering into a cinema for you Lebowski fans), so I can’t really tell you whether it was a good ballet. It seemed pretty good, and the set was impressive. The dancing didn’t blow me away like, say, Anthony Gatto juggling nine clubs, but that’s not really a fair comparison. Also, I can’t empathise with the pain those girls have to go through to jump around on the tips of their toes. Ouch.