Susan and Darren

I took some persuasion to go to a show involving a dancer and his mum, but I relented. After all, his mum had absolutely no theatre training other than cleaning. So when Katie said ‘so I’ve got the tickets… and I’ve also booked us into the dance workshop’ I said something along the lines of ‘what do you mean us?’

Well, the dance workshop wasn’t so bad. It was a cheesy dance routine to a Barry White song. I was obviously terrible, but what do you expect from someone who’s been ‘volunteered’? The surprise for the audience, and me, was that we were to go onto stage during the show and perform the dance. Now if I was doing theatre for a living, that’s what I’d do, get the audience to do the show themselves.

The show involved all sorts of inversions like this; audience members making the buffet for after the show; a buffet after the show; the audience interviewing the cast during the show. I just wish I’d had a bit more warning!