Eleven for the price of four

Last night we went to see a gig lineup consisting of four artists, the band Vetiver, Vashti Bunyan, Adem and Juana Molina. I was expecting to see Vashti with the three artists as support acts. I was not expecting to see all eleven artists from the bands (one full band, two half bands and one solo artist – a mean of 0.5) all playing together on each other’s songs. They’d only had a week to practice together, but you’d never guess as the accordions, multitude of bells, strings, organs, guitars, and you get the picture, coalesced to form a cohesive folk orchestra. It felt more like an event than just a concert, and I don’t mean ‘event’ as in the ‘cinematic event’ that every new Disney film is sold as, but rather that it felt like a one-off. We were even able to meet Vashti and Adem afterwards and get our new CDs signed. Thank you Paul for shaming me into buying them – they’re great. Folk music – it’s doesn’t have to be about morris dancing. Thank goodness.