Heavenly Comedy

Okay, cheesy title, but that’s how it could have been billed. A “clean” comedy night organised by Christians and filmed by the BBC for “Heaven and Earth”. This is what we went to at our local pub, The British Oak last night. Highlights were Barbara Nice renaming Stircley as St. Irchley, and then crowd surfing through the lean-to (no-one believed she’d do it; she did).

Film Recommendation: ‘Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price’ (2005)

This kind of documentary frustrates me on more than one level.

On the one hand, it illustrates yet again how people and the environment are being exploited by unscrupulous multi-national corporations, concerned only with their own profits.

At the same time, I find the approach taken in such documentaries to be off-puttingly one-sided. Furthermore, the approach taken in this one (including tone and graphics) betrayed a strong focus on the US audience at the expense of the world-wide applicability of the points being made.

The Sort of Guy Who Could Be Stuart Maconie

Okay, so Katie was doing the crossword on the train up from London. Having a little trouble. So she was very happy when the middle aged bloke opposite her took an interest and turned out to be very good, getting words like “Caliph” straight away, and also “Pachyderm” and “Marquis”. She did briefly think he was the “sort of bloke who could be Stuart Maconie” (I do bang on about his radio show quite a lot). Well he made the mistake of mentioning a couple of books that he’d written when Katie asked. When she told me that he had been reading Record Collector it started ringing alarm bells, and yes, it was Mr Freakzone himself. Nice one, Stu, I’d never have got “Caliph”.

Little Sister

Katie’s friend Samantha Fox (real name) turns out to be in a folk band called Little Sister. They were playing at the Garden Cafe in Kings Heath in a tiny crowed room with bare brick walls. In the corner at the front were crammed four girls, a harp, accordion, a guitar and violin. I particularly liked their cover of “By The Mark” by Gillian Welch. You can listen to them on their Website.