An Arty Week

I’m always impressed how many arts events local blogger Andy Pryke manages to go to, week in, week out. Well last week felt a bit like that for us…

On Wednesday, we went to see Daniel Kitson (previous Perrier award-winning comedian) performing his amusing new theatre show, C90, a heavily text based one-man show of ordinary people’s quirky little lives. One character is a man who works in an office cataloguing discarded music compilation tapes. It is is retirement day but he has never listened to any of the tapes before. He receives one final package, a tape marked “listen to me” and in another, a tape recorder. Another character bakes cakes for birds, and another is a accident-prone vet who only treats pets who she has personally injured.

After watching Simon Day and his mates from Spanner performing a theatre show in the mac bar on Friday night, we went up to The Cross in Moseley for the first of a new monthly folk night, the Moseley Lunar Society. We didn’t stay for the whole thing, but we did finally manage to catch the fantastic Shady Bard.

To top things off, on Sunday we went to see Kim Trusty doing live poetry with musical backing from (Mercury Nominee) Soweto Kisch and his band at The Drum in Aston as part of their regular Live Box event. The night had a pleasingly unpredictable edge as members of the audience came on stage to perform open-mic, with Soweto and the band coming up with musical backing on the fly.

Phew. This week is somewhat quieter because Katie’s away doing a theatre professional development week called The Darkroom in a country house.