mise en reve

Yesterday my friend Sania told me about a dream she had. It was a kind of thriller, with an excellent plot. (I don’t think it would be appropriate to broadcast the contents of another person’s dream in any more detail, however.)

This got me thinking… what if we could review dreams in the same way as we might review a film or a novel? We could talk about direction, acting, themes, soundtrack, and perhaps even ‘mide en reve‘!

In the spirit of experimentation, here is a review of one of my own recent dreams.

Title: Dream about Cheese (Dir. Me, UK, 2007)
The scenario is pretty basic. It features one character – me – buying cheese in a deli. I slowly and lovingly pick up cheese after cheese, examine them, feel their textures, and smell them.

This dream definitely benefits from my brain’s capacity to broadcast in all five senses.

I would say that the major theme of my dream is a craving for cheese, possibly related to the fact that I have become Vegan for Lent…

From a critical point of view, the sensual aspects of the dream are its main attraction. Plot and characterisation leave a lot to be desired, and there is no dialogue to speak of. The dream was accompanied by some faint piped muzak of the kind you hear in a supermarket…

One thought on “mise en reve”

  1. I had a really good one recently. Needless to say it was SiFi, probably based heavily on the trailers I’ve seen for Sunshine, but of course much better. One of the things I remember is straining to move the joystick to pilot the spacecraft in a tight arc, the excessive effort of which would make no difference to a computer-controlled drive-by wire astronautic guidance system.

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