Vegan Feast

Going Vegan for Lent has made it more difficult for me to eat at restaurants and creates a significant challenge for anyone who invites me over for dinner.

Fortunately, my friend Nicky rose to the challenge this week. She prepared a Vegan feast, the likes of which have not been seen before or since! For starters, she laid out a bowl of houmous (currently my favourite thing in the whole wide world), pitta bread, and a platter of crudites.

The main course was Jamie Oliver’s Whole Baked Cauliflower. Even in the pan, it looked amazing. But Nicky decided to present it more artistically, on a dish surrounded by the juices, tomatoes, chillies, olives, and cashew nuts it was baked in. Those cashew nuts were Nicky’s own idea too!

Dessert was a surprise for both of us. After the initial offer of fruit, we also found that Green & Blacks’ Maya Gold cholocate is Vegan-friendly. Yum yum.

Thanks Nicky!