Weekend in Winchester

Despite biting a chunk out of my tongue at lunch, I’m having a fine time soaking up the sun here in Winchester. I’ve been to two spectacles as well. Friday night we went to the renovated Theatre Royal to see an Am. Dram. production of West Side Story. I thought that it was chosen because of the recent Andrew Lloyd Webber reality TV show where he had to choose a Maria, but I was corrected by my brother (making a surprise visit from Bermuda) that the TV show was about different musical with a lead female also called Maria. Fraternal ribbing is one of the sacrifices one makes for a TV-free life. The musical was surprisingly good, the only complaint being that the technically proficient singer playing Tony was wooden enough to make Keanau Reeves look an empathic actor. You could have made a nice dining table out of him.

The other spectacle was Easter Sunday Eucharist at Winchester Cathedral. Katie was obviously allergic to the incense, but this was made up for by the splendid view (oldest nave in Europe; huge stained glass window; incense smoke picked out by rays of sun in the vaulting arches above) which gave you something to look at during the boring bits.