Fierce Festival

I’m not very good at paying attention when Katie goes into “arrangements” mode, and while this may be annoying for her, it sometimes has side benefits. For example, on Thursday I had been expecting to see one performace at Warwick Arts Centre; I actually got three. They were all part of the Fierce Festival.

Kindle – Suzy Woo

Sam from Kindle performed a short piece in the bar in which she played a love song on a harp to an unsuspecting single male. He somehow managed to avoid turning crimson as I would have done, which helped to make the performance enjoyable and not cringeworthy.

Bobby Baker – How To Live

It had been a long week, so perhaps Bobby Baker was at a disadvantage to this audience member, but her didactic show presenting her 11 step self-help program (see what she’s doing there?) was just too dull for me to succeed in keep my eyes open all the way through. It did have it’s moments – I liked rolling a pea around in my mouth with my eyes closed (no need to pay attention to the stage), and there was an impressive visual display of a 3D sea of peas. I’m told that she’s usually excellent, but I’m afraid this showed little evidence.

Stan’s Cafe – The Cleansing Of Constance Brown

I was woken up with a start by the third performance, a mime show! Stan’s Cafe make theatre rather than coffee, have done for a while, and it show. This was a mature show packed with ideas, almost too many. It was set in a corridor, so had a very long and narrow stage. This was a novelty, and it worked. There was little to hold the set of sketches together except a vague notion of cleansing. That didn’t really matter as the energy, visual ideas and intense soundscape kept you engaged and challenged you to guess what it was all about. They had performers being drenched, shredded paper spraying all over the set and a huge orange hot air balloon taking over the stage like Jabba The Hut. I didn’t really mind that it made no sense.