Words, wonderful words

I was pleased to learn that ‘ixnay’ has recently been added to the OED. Derived from the German/Yiddish slang word ‘nix’ and mutated via Pig Latin, ixnay has earned a place for itself in the English language by virtue of its repeated use, examples of which can be found at http://dictionary.oed.com

I first heard ‘ixnay’ in the classic film ‘Short Circuit 2’ (sadly not referenced by the OED). For those of you who care, ixnay is adv. and N. Amer. colloq.

Another word that has taken my fancy of late is ‘vixtim’. Its first and – to my knowledge – only appearance is in an undergraduate essay I marked this week. Apparently a typo, it nevertheless ‘works’, by cleverly suggesting an overlap between the words ‘victim’ and ‘vixen’.

And in some senses, the female ‘vixtim’ Marie (in Buechner’s play ‘Woyzeck’) is indeed both innocent victim and heartless seductress, depending on one’s reading of the text…

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  1. Is this when the pretty girl is killed in the film or TV show? Or at least tortured. I’d hate to think someone like Kim Bauer/Elisha Cuthbert would be a good description of this great word. She’s pretty but always hunted by some crazy serial killer.

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