Unexpected souvenir from the zoo

Someone told Katie a story that she’d heard first hand from a couple with an austic son. They’d taken him to the zoo and I guess he enjoyed himself because he wandered off, and when they found him he was soaking wet. I guess they must have assumed he fell into one of the ponds. Anyway, he was acting very cagey and quiet on the way home, but seemed well. When they returned home he went straight to the bathroom to clean up, but after a considerable wait he still hadn’t emerged. They started to get more concerned and finally persuaded him to let them in. There, standing to attention in the middle of the bath was a real, live penguin! Their enterprising son had successfully smuggled it from the enclosure past the security unbeknownst to his parents in his rucksack. Quite a feat. Seems incredible and extremely unlikely, and apparently the zookeepers didn’t believe it either because they laughed when they were told about the heist. “No, it’s true – count your penguins – you’re one down.” the couple told them.