Oops, I decorated the utility room

I’ve finally just about recovered from the weekend when we accidentally decorated our “crap” room, and it now looks and functions as a utility room. Previously this room was piled so high with rubbish that we couldn’t get to the garden. With Katie’s dad visiting and bringing a new dishwasher, we emptied the room and put down some lino left over from a show (the one that she got Gareth to scrub clean). It made such a difference that Katie decided that we may as well get some one-coat white paint and slap it on the walls to finish it off. Well, once the white paint was on, suddenly the door and windows looked really grubby, so some wood paint was fished out. Meanwhile, Ed thought he could just put some wood around that rusty cast iron waste pipe… and so on. Hence, we now have a pretty reasonable new room – accidentally.