Green Man Festival 2007

Wow, just got back from the Green Man Festival. There were lots of bands, bubbles and babies, but also rain, mud and more mud. I wanted to see all the bands, but that’s not possible without dividing yourself in four, which while possible in Harry Potter, isn’t in real life (unless someone’s not telling me something). So I managed amoungst others to see…

– Devendra Banhart (hippy folk played on Les Pauls in a latin style)

– Robert Plant (played lots of Led Zepp classics like Hangman, Black Dog and Whole Lotta Love, in a North African style)

– Stephen Duffy & Lilac Time (played like on the records, possibly because he hasn’t played live for 16 years)

– Bill Callahan (played depressing songs in a depressing style in depressing weather – a fan I met reported that it was a great set)

– Tunng (much more assured live act than at Big Chill two years ago, as they played their electronic folk songs in a noisy style)

– King Creosote (Scottish)

– Vashti Bunyan (lives in Scotland, played in her own beautiful style) She also did an interview in the Literature tent about her life and was talked into singing Window Over The Bay without her guitar during the questions at the end.

– Misty’s Big Adventure (Amazingly, the first time I’ve seen them play live, and they were hilarious)

One of the highlights of the whole festival was sitting near John Renbourn while he had a jam in the contributor’s catering tent. Also, “Professor” Justin Spear from the Freakzone played a storming DJ set in the Rumpus Room.

5 thoughts on “Green Man Festival 2007”

  1. Ooh – what sort of jam does John Renbourn like? Strawberry… raspberry… or apricot? Lol šŸ˜‰

  2. Cropredy was OK this year. Entertaining a small daughter meant that I didn’t get to take in as much as I would have liked of the music. Still, saw Fairport 1969 (coming to Radio 2 soon!) and the alway reliably awesome Richard Thompson, so I can’t complain.

    Are you going to Moseley?

  3. If you do not count the three concerts in 2003 of The Lilac Time (Stephen’s strange sense of humour to call those warm up gigs; warming up for what?), their last concert under the name of “The Lilac Time” was indeed in 1991. But Stephen himself toured quite a lot in the 90s as a solo artist (with a band). So he has been on stage, but not as part of The Lilac Time. But let’s not split hairs. It’s not worth it.

  4. Actually Stephen Duffy played his last live gig in 2003 and regularly in the years before that (see / concerts or / concerts). So it is 4 years if you do not count the massive Robbie Williams world tour where he acted as musical director and played the guitar in the band.

    Actually to me they did not sound very much like on the records. Trumpets from Montparnasse with a pedal steel guitar? I believe that was new.

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