Paris je t’aime

What a fantastic piece of collaboration this is. Although I have to agree with my friend Arnaud that, as with all ‘films a sketches’, the quality is a little ‘inegal’.

This unevenness gives rise to such poor contributions as Joel and Ethan Coen’s ‘Tuilleries’ and to such highs as ’14e Arrondissement’ or the vampire/noir ‘Quartier de la Madeleine’ with Elijah Wood.

My favourite sections are ‘Quais de Seine’ and ‘Le Marais’. The former imagines a multicultural encounter that works, while the latter features the spectacular Gaspard Ulliel trying to have a conversation with the silent Elias McConnell. Watch them!

And finally, a plea to Ed. If you’re reading this, please can we have a ‘Europe’ category? I think this would fit. And forthcoming accounts of my travels in France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium certainly would…