Another Collision

Way back in September this year I went to the start of the Collide festival for black and asian arts in Birmingham. Well, to outdo Edinburgh, it’s still going on over six weeks later. You could call it a ‘low intensity’ festival. On Thursday night we went to the Drum to the “Out of Africa” event which was previewed at the opening. I’m pleased to say that the music was even better. Steve and Tim, the drummers played their complex African rhythms and were complemented this time by a saxophonist and a guitarist. Actually the guitarist also played bass and kora. Very exciting and uplifting.

The food was great, too. I managed to have three curries from three different continents during the day. Lunch was the weekly works canteen curry (£1.90!). Dinner was Thai at the fantastic Barton Arms, and at the Collide event, I sampled some of the West African food on offer.