imgKatie and Katherine did a showing in St. Martins in the Bullring of their new show which they’ve been working on for the last ten days. Ten of us were invited to watch the performance as it weaved its way around the church, with interludes to stop and read stories and related Bible verses. It was based on the story of Ruth in the Old Testament, though I don’t think all of the audience realised this. They could be forgiven because it was told through the stories of several different people, for instance a Polish immigrant builder.

It was a non-stop evening because we then went to our Italian class, followed swiftly afterwards by Efterklang. This ten piece Danish art-rock ensemble was pared down to a mere eight members, packed into the function room of a pub. The singer played drums at the front of the stage and had an intense physicality remenicient of Ian Curtis. The music was a cross between Sigur Ros and Tuung, both bands which I love, and hence they couldn’t go far wrong. It was great to see a band enjoying themselves so much, and I hope they become better known. Who knows, perhaps the BBC will hire them to soundtrack their next natural history series.