The Amsterdam Bike Experience

bike pic
We may like to eat European and drive European, but when it comes to getting round the corner, we’d much rather jump in our cars than our European neighbors who prefer to hop onto their bike and get there in less time with with less pollution. Why is this? Perhaps it has something to do with the types of bikes that are sold here. They mostly fall into the off-road or the road-racing categories. Fine for specialists, but what if you don’t fancy the lycra? The European answer is a different sort of bike that died out here two decades ago. Unfortunately the only place we could find that sells them is in Littlehampton, a long way from Brum.

Paul and Brian at the Littlehampton Dutch Bike Shop were very friendly and knowledgeable, but above all evangelistic about the joys of European style cycling. Their bikes may be heavy, but that’s not a problem when you can just hop on without tucking in your jeans. They’re very low maintenance with their hub gears and hub brakes, and comfortable, but most important of all for an artist, they look great.