We’re made of it, we depend on it and in the future, many wars are expected to be fought over it. Water, the Filter theatre show we watched at Warwick Arts Centre on Saturday night was the second show I’ve seen this year on the subject, the other being A Few Little Drops at Edinburgh.

They were very different shows – A Few Little Drops invited the audience to walk around a set, and had a rough-and-ready, deteriorating feel to it, as if the whole place had been flood damaged. Water took the slick approach, as you might expect given Radiohead’s Live Performance Director, Andi Watson’s involvement. The set was all plasma screens and beds and windows sliding smoothly across the stage. The actors communicated mainly by phone, iChat and just occasionally face to face. I found the three stories to be involving and thought provoking. The world is going to be a very different place as the climate shifts gear.