A quick catch-up

Shortly after Christmas during Great Blog Drought, I did actually write a blog entry, which even contained an explanation for the drought. It’s been sitting on Katie’s desktop ever since. I’ve got nothing exciting to talk about today, so I shall take the opportunity to dig up this post. Here goes…

I know my blog has been a bit empty of late. This is not because I’ve been locked in a cupboard chewing my shoes, but because our house has been turned into a Christmas present factory of late. Just so I don’t wonder what I was up to in the run up to Christmas ’07 in 10 years time when I’m reading my blog to see if the my 30’s really happened, here’s a quick run down of some of the events that I’ve not noted…

Watching the St. Vincent gig at the Glee Club was a response to seeing her support The National at the Irish Club. I bought the album on the strength of the performance and Marry Me was on the longlist for my compilation of the year.

Pilot 13 demonstrated that the Birmingham theatre community is not superstitious. Clearly the highlight of the evening was The Other Way Works show (I have to say that), because I got to see people getting very wet, drunk, fat, and moreover, not all of Katie’s fee was burnt. The future of the event is uncertain, but will hopefully be resolved soon.

Emma Bowen’s showing of visual artwork produced during her residency at Periscope was confusing until it was slowly explained to me that the art was made with materials from the various companies leasing units in the building. There was no vinyl from Hard To Find Records, but plenty of dental equipment and estate agent signage.

Office Christmas Party in the Barbican Centre was somewhere between an experimental theatre show and an actual office party, and some of the audience were having trouble making the distinction, or perhaps they were plants. I certainly wasn’t but they got me into speed-eating Christmas pudding, which I would not recommend to anyone unless you’re auditioning for a Japanese TV quiz and the pay is good.