Goodbye Windows, Goodbye Bill Gates

Sorry Bill, it’s been nice working with you, but finally the time has come where we have to go our separate ways. I guess I’ll still use your stuff at work because I have no choice, but I’m afraid the experience of using Mac OS-X Leopard at home has made me realise that there’s life beyond Windows XP. Okay, so I can’t afford a Mac desktop at the moment, but hey, Ubuntu has been getting better and better over the last few years, and now looks a lot nicer and feels better than Windows XP. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re saying about Vista being all great and all that, but you know what? Even if I hadn’t been put off by all the horror stories of people reverting to XP, I don’t fancy paying lots of money for what just looks like a big headache.

All right, fair enough, Linux wasn’t totally straightforward to set up yesterday – I had to fiddle around to get my obscure sound card going, update the Flash player, figure out the quirks of getting it to play ball with my iPod. But I did manage to burn a CD, design and print it’s cover and do a blog post. Tomorrow, perhaps I’ll get round to the CAD layout for the new space station I’m building. Au’revoir, cher Bill.