7-inch cimema

Really enjoyed 7-inch cinema on Sunday night. It had an inspiring lets-just-do-it vibe with it’s focus on the Straight8 competition. First they showed a bunch of 3 minute masterpieces from previous years. All had to be shot on a single roll of Super-8 film developed by the organisers, so the first time the contestants saw their entries was at the screening at the Cannes film festival. Some contained impressive special effects; one was of a bloke drinking eight beers (in three minutes, of course). After these shorts, we were treated to a mash-up of Logan’s Run with all sorts of other random footage performed live using three super-8 projectors. I love these kinds of nights because you never know what to expect. Well, I don’t because I never read the program.

Yikes! I’m at work on Sunday!

Because I’m such a kind and giving person, I’ve very generously come into work on Sunday to help the team meet a very tight deadline, and I’m not even on the team for this project. How nice of me. Nothing to do with the overtime pay which I need to pay for all this music kit…

Cables everwhere

Katie’s away skiing in Switzerland, which is a shame because I obviously miss her, however it is also a good thing because it means that (a) I am not skiing, and (b) I get to play around in the studio. Usually – in fact, since I’ve lived here – the room has been variously used as a master bedroom, spare bedroom and as an office, but not yet for it’s intended purpose (ie. what I had in mind when I bought the house), which is as a recording studio. That was until today. Hence, I am currently sitting in the middle of a bed of cables all vying to wrap themselves around my feet. I’ve been having a lot of fun, though I don’t know about the neighbour who has been putting up with my wailing – sorry, singing.

Under Pressure

I must be hearing about a new renewables technology almost every week at the moment. Tonight I learnt about a very surprising one… Geopressure. Apparently we have the potential resource in this country to generate a coal power station’s worth of energy from the naturally occurring geological pressure which builds up in gas pipes across the country. I’d never even heard of this pressure, which apparently has to be let off at various sites, but this article in the IET engineering magazine says that this pressure can be harnessed to generate power. The government has agreed and is going to provide support for such projects. It could save the equivalent carbon emissions of the NHS.

The Laughing Sole

It’s been a whole year since we made the long journey to our local, the British Oak for the first ever Laughing Sole comedy night. Annette Fagon was manic and very funny, and will only get better. I didn’t really knon what to make of Kimmy Sue – she was doing a bit of a Vicky Pollard with urban poetry. Juliet Meyers took advantage of the vastly more experienced comedian on the front row, a ninety-something former Archers star who seemed to have done just about everything (note, this night was organised by the Diocese of Birmingham). Just goes to show that “clean” comedy can also be funny.