Google, Microsoft Make for Good Headline

Just been reading through my Google Reader news feeds. The list of articles has grown, as it does every day or so, to over 1000. Normally, I just look at my favorite feeds (The Other Way Works, of course) and ignore the rest, but today I’m killing time while some doors are fitted to my house, so I’m reading through pretty much all 2000 or so articles. Obviously you don’t read every one, but instead go through a page at a time of headlines. Even this takes a long time, so what draws my eyes to something I might actually want to read? Well, it seems to be key words. Such as Google, or Microsoft, or even better – both in the same headline. Just a little tip, in case you want me to ready your news story.

Bamboozled by Progress

It’s been a busy week – so much so that I can barely remember Monday. Oh, yes, that was when I had my work colleagues around for dinner (my attempt at Tom Kha Pak – that’s Thai for Galangal and veg soup, which probably leaves you none the wiser). There was a fair representation of nationalities – British, Spanish, Italian and Burmese, so I had to be quite careful in choosing a menu that no-one would recognise.

I think Tuesday was the day that Joel passed his PhD, so we humored him by watching a French film about a depressed, aging Gigolo. Honestly, it was not bad. Quite an eye opener.

Wednesday’s coming back to me (that was yesterday, right?). We watched Tangle at Warwick Arts Centre. This was a half devised, half scripted show about, you guessed it, quantum entanglement. All pretty straightforward stuff it turns out. However, just to be sure, we stayed on for the companion show, a multimedia assisted lecture about quantum physics and it’s possible future repercussions, Ethics of Progress, which dealt with the ethical dilemmas posed by teleportation.

Now do you see why I’m struggling to come to terms with the fact that its Thursday.