I was just listening to my second favourite Icelandic experimentalist Mugison‘s records on Friday, and it turns out he’s just about to release another one. Here’s what he’s got to say about the recording process (from Paste)…

“There was to be no time reference, no time frame,” Mugison says in a statement about the album. “The lyrics had to be straight to the point and all the songs played with eyes closed and always in a state of emergency. I had to ensure that all pretentiousness was deleted from the songs. All nearly’s, all maybe´s. Every song had to sound like it was the last song I’d play if the world was going down.”

Sounds like it’ll be exhausting, then.

Monday night jam

I felt very old last night going to a friend’s leaving do (even though she’s not leaving) in Moseley. Not because she’s much younger, but because everyone else at the reggae night, Jam Jar was about 15. Except someone’s mum who was giving it some on the dance floor. That made me feel a bit younger.

Dance Steps

I’ve put this under theatre, but only because it was made by a theatre company. If you got the mac tonight, you’re sure of a big surprise. There are steps all over the place, little plastic outliney ones, and different colours, too. The different colours are for different people. If you stand on them, you can sometimes see bits of dialogue, and if you go all the way, like we did, you can do them in sequence and you get to perform a whole story. Good job, Stan’s Cafe – you introduced me to whole areas of the mac that I’ve never seen before, and won’t again (because it’s going to be referbished starting next week).