Multiple Firefox Profiles

I often use Katie’s MacBook, because it’s just sitting there, and I want to find out when the weather forcast says the rain will stop, or whatever. This is great, but when I come to check my email, it’s just such a hastle to log out of the various sessions (gmail, rememberthemilk, etc.). Well, I just found a solution here. Basically, here’s what you do on a mac with Firefox 3…

1. Make sure that Firefox isn’t running. (check alt-tab)

2. Open terminal by clicking on Spotlight and typing terminal.

3. Paste this (Edit->Paste) and press Enter (if your Firefox instalation has a different name in Applications, then correct

/Applications/ –profilemanager

4. Create a profile (called, for example ‘Work’, ‘Ed’, etc.), click ‘Don’t ask at startup’ and press Start Firefox with the new profile selected. Firefox will open with a new profile. Close Firefox (Apple-Q).

5. Now create the shortcut: Open Spotlight, type ‘script editor’ and press enter. Paste in the following (again, correct the name of if necessary):

do shell script “/Applications/ -P Ed -noremote &> /dev/null &”

6. Replace ‘Ed’ in the above with the name of the profile that you created.

7. File->Save As… Give it name like ‘Firefox Ed’s Profile’, select the directory (eg. Applications), and file format ‘Application Bundle’. Leave the other options.

8. Try running the script which you just created. It should open Firefox with the new profile. You can now create another profile for the default, and any others that you may want.

9. Finally, if you want to change the icon, select the script in Finder, File->Get Info and drag another application (eg. Firefox) onto the icon in the top left corner.