Goodbye Essaouira

With the end of the storms we have finally been able to mentally and physically prepare ourselves for the early mornings and long journeys ahead by doing as little as possible.

We took some sunny pictures and I attempted to persuade the little Olympus Trip to try and capture the hustle and bustle of the market, the aerial dominance of the seagulls, and some of the sunsets. I exposed the film to sunlight briefly, but just got away with it. It’s funny how using a film camera now seems somehow subversive. Here is the second set…

Morocco 2008 – Second Set


What were you doing on Christmas day? We went surfing. My christmas lunch was a toasted kebab.

Then we realised that we had one day left to plan the rest of the holiday. So we decided to delay that and stay in Essaouira where the weather’s always nice.

Well, it should have been, anyway. Boxing day was spent booking the rest of the holiday (Ancient city of Fes, Sahara Desert, Roman Ruins, camel rides, etc.), so today we would be able to relax and enjoy the… rain and gales.

I’m about to consult the soothsayers at the BBC about the next few days. Wish me luck.

Its going to get harder…

We’ve had such a charmed few days that it hasn’t really sunk in that we’ve not really orgaised anything much for the rest of the holiday, aside from plans. So to avoid the spivs, we’re trying to book things online, but it’s tough being your own travel agent. Especially so when your only tool is the the Internet and only the most expensive 1% of places have websites.

Almost unbelivably, it’s forcast to rain tomorrow, on Christmas day. I don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for us though, after our last few days of blazing sun. I guess it’ll remind us of being back home.

Right, on with booking camel treks…

Merry Christmas!

Cost-effective Fish

I’ve not availed myself of the fish market by the docks yet, but I’ll definitely have to do so, and not just because of the great selection of fresh fish on offer. I love it when the sellers vie for your attention in new and creative ways. For example, at one stall, the spiv offered me a ‘very democratic price’.

Today we went for a wander along the very long beach and tested out the slidability of the sand dunes. Not bad, it turns out. Rating: 7.5/10.