We’re now in Essaouira on the coast of Morocco. Here’s a picture from Flikr:

And here’s the map:

Agrandir le plan

We had a bit of a moment when the bus turned out to be full, but were saved a four hour wait by the kind souls who didn’t turn up for their own journey.

The last few days in Marakech were great. Katie got the Riad hotel half price and it was amazing, so the place we’re in here had a lot to live up to. (Note: please don’t try to find such offers at home, kids, it’s bad for your health to spend so much time surfing ugly holiday websites). Where we’re now staying, there is a bathroom with a ceiling about four feet from the floor. I can’t work out who has to use it, but perhaps it is the owner.

I suppose I should run off a few factoids in the rare event that someone is reading this…

1. Olympus Trip cameras are harder to use than you might think. It turns out new cameras have autofocus for a reason. Don’t expect any photography like the above.

2. Marakech has some amazing architecture, but they like to keep it hidden, so you’re going to have to go through doors to see the good stuff.

3. Bring a face mask to Marakech. I thought Bankok was polluted, but…

4. Essaouira is at least not polluted, but there are lots of seagulls, like St Ives. In fact, Katie has a theory (based on MigrationWatch on Radio 4) that they are indeed the very same seagulls.