Our Big Trip – Part 1

Here´s where we are now…

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We´ve come from Birmingham all the way on the train. We´re currently waiting for a ferry to take us across the sea to Tangier in Morocco. ¿So how do you get to Morocco over land and sea? Well, first you get a train to London. There you stay with a friendly 97-year-old (in our case, Katie´s grandma). The next morning you hop on a Eurostar from the shiney new St Pancras station to Paris where you hot foot it across the city in the cold to catch another train to Madrid. Madrid will also turn out to be cold, and you may notice that people speak another language, one in which you have even less ability (though it might turn out to be similar to another language you´re learning, which could help).

You may as well enjoy the rest of the day in Madrid after your night on the train, and visit some local bars, try and find a resturant (which may prove harder than you expect), and perhaps even soak up some culture in the Goya-packed art museum.

The next day you just take a five hour train to Algeciras, negotiate your way past the spivs to buy a ferry ride, pop into an internet cafe to post instructions for anyone who might be following you, and look forward to the crossing.