And the award for Best Award Acceptance goes to…

No idea, but it’s an award I’d like to see (though not enough to find out if someone got there first). We shall have to wait and see who will win the awards before that one can be decided. The film studios are certainly not leaving it to chance alone by releasing virtually all the likely nominees in one go in January. So last night we went to see Frost/Nixon, and tonight Revolutionary Road. One about two blokes, one about a couple, but both with two leading roles. Also, both very dramatic films, and no surprise that Frost/Nixon was adapted from a stage play; though from reading Revolutionary Road just a few weeks ago, I wasn’t surprised how theatrical it too felt. Both films were in the big downstairs screens, and so the poor actors’ faces were blown up several stories high, leaving every muscular twitch that crossed their faces to feel like an emotional hammer blow. No need for explosions to win an Oscar. We shall see… good luck Kate!

The Credit Crutch

How did I arrive at this title? Well, in Italian last night I got a bit carried away and made the mistake of looking in the dictionary. I was trying to do a literal translation (which as I already knew, didn’t fit Italian in any case). In my haste I found the Italian for crutch instead of crunch. This might have explained the very confused expression on the teacher’s face.

Netbook OS war enters a new deadly phase

Interesting to find that Mark Shuttleworth, the creator of the most popular Linux desktop distribution is singing Windows 7’s praise. The Register reckon it is because Microsoft will have to charge (as they don’t currently with XP) for netbook copies.

Slumdog Millionaire

We went to see Slumdog Millionaire at the The Electric Cinema last night, and it was absolutely brilliant. Great performances and superb photography; Danny Boyle should rake in the Oscars. Definitely the best film I’ve seen this year. Okay, the only film I’ve seen this year, but still.

Camel Burgers

Bit strange to spot this article in the Guardian about the cafe where I had a camel burger. They don’t seem to have put the whole thing up there yet for some reason. Katie spotted a similar article about the same bloke in Conde Nast Traveller this month, so I guess they’ve been on a publicity mission. Hopefully by the time their expected hoards of tourists arrive they’ll have finished the renovation work which they were busy doing while I was eating said camel burger.