Snowboarding in Africa

Okay, that last post was a bit brief. That was because I typed out a huge splurge of waffle, pressed ‘Preview’ and was greeted by an error page. This is probably good news for the readers (both of you), because I will now be a bit briefer…

On returning to Marrakech from Essaouira, we stayed in Les Jardins d’Issil. Our accommodation was a big posh tent complete with heating, shower, and some little surprises with the electric wiring. It is named after the cat, and doesn’t she know it.

Katie has been determined since she first opened the guidebook to go snowboarding here in Africa, so despite the rain, we got a taxi up into the Atlas mountains. Taking into account the damp sleet, slushy snow, button-lift which yanked her two feet into the air, spivs selling daggers, unwaxed snowboard and freezing wind, it was a lot of fun.

Yesterday we crossed the Atlas to Ouarzazate, a city built around a millitary barracks. There is a big film studio here used for lots of location shooting. This gives us a jump off to the Sahara desert. Let’s see if it’s as dry as they say it is.