There Are No Others, There Is Only Us

This fantastic Video installation in Moor Street Station featured a flock of birds in black and white accompanied by a minimalist soundtrack by Ben Frosts. I was reminded of some of the haunting shots from There Will Be Blood with Johnny Greenwood’s  soundscape. The birds formed abastract shapes like fast moving clouds, or the startfield screensaver from Windows 98.

Capsule – Supersonic

Don’t buy these speakers!

Grrr, grrr, and furthermore grrr. I’ve given myself some time to calm down, but I’m still not quite there yet. A few months ago, I bought these Samson Studio Dock speakers:

Studio Dock Speakers

Look nice, eh? Good price too – 80 quid. <green ink mode> Unfortunately the volume knob was broken, so I took them back. I went to pick them up a few weeks later on my bike (a very bad idea), and the knob problem had been fixed. Great. Then a couple of weeks later they started crackling every now and then. So again I took them back. I was pleased to get a replacement, didn’t mind getting rained on while lugging them back on the bus. But then I got home and discovered that they had the same volume knob problem as the first pair, and also were chipped. Why, why, why didn’t I ckeck them? Now I have to go in a fourth time. </green ink mode> It was my fault. I should have checked. Why didn’t I listen to my Dad as I was growing up?